The Choice Between Wealth and Shame or Poverty and Dignity as depicted in ‘Wuraola’

Audio: 4/10

: 8/10

: 7/10

: 7/10
Total Rating: 5/10

Genre: Drama

Producer: Yetqeen Films and Living Water Films

Runtime:100 minutes

Writer:  Joyce Patrick

I won’t lie to you, throughout the movie I was expecting a person named Wuraola to pop out to either be the protagonist or a new antagonist but by the time I ended the first part, I came to understand that the title was used to depict what would happen in the movie. 

In the movie,we were introduced to Doyin( Joyce Patrick) who was a sickler. Despite her mother special care, her father saw her as a burden and disregarded her. He believed he was wasting money and that made her leave home to stay with her grandmother (Lanre Hassan).

However the story turned and we saw a big twist. Wurola entered the kitchen and met her grandmother on the phone with her father. She was vehemently accusing him and blaming him for maltreating Doyin because Doyin was not his daughter.

Overhearing this conversation infuriated Doyin and she left home forgetting that her sickness takes over anytime it wants. When she got to the Aunty Shade’s Shop, a trader( Aishat Abimbola- by the way she is my crush), she felt weak and would have crashed to the ground but for the timely intervention of Aunty Shade. Now, a quick peek at the past: Aunty Shade was not prospering in her business and have tried many methods to make her market boom to no avail. Immediately she helped Doyin, people had the desire to buy things from Aunty Shade e.g a crate of egg. But she didn’t read any meaning to it until a cleric helped her understand that she needed to find a way of always making Doyin happy.

Then, Doyin left Aunty Shade but had another attack from her sickness. Yet, another person, Sukanmi, helped her and took her home. At the junction, I must lament because of a lady that acted passersby when Doyin fell, her part was somewhat exagerated- normally, I don’t fancy people acting that way in our day to day activities, it always look like an act.

Sukanmi also had relentlessly searched for Job and only got double job offers after he helped Doyin.And his pastor hinted him not to let Doyin go.But when he proposed marriage to Doyin, she refused because of her condition.

Meanwhile, Doyin’s Father(Akin Lewis) was having misfortune at every end and he was forced to consult a herbalist, who said he must bring her back home.

And we were made to know the movie has a sequel. I’ll be posting a spoiler for the Sequel let’s watch out for it.

At this point, they have to use ungodly means to win her over and I have fears for Doyin.

What do you do you think about Wuraola?

Who will Wuraola follow?


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