My Top 5 Scenes From Iku Iro

Iku  Iro is a movie about a lady who pretended to be something she’s not. The film is really  funny.   Read it review here.

1.Bike man and Queen: This is the best scene for me. I so much love the way the actor played his role. He redirected his anger at other road users and he reminded us of typical Okada drivers.

2.Dragged By Soldier: I’m particularly drawn to the drama that happened when Queen bribed the gateman of a military man’s beautiful house. She took her boyfriend to the venue and lied that the house belonged her. She claimed it was the smallest of her inherited houses. When the owner of the house arrived, Queen tried to hide but one of the military man’s bodyguards caught her. Immediately, she saw him she pretended to faint but he dragged her to the sitting room. That place was exceptionally hilarious.

.3. I love this statue: Another extremely funny Scene was the place Queen pretended to be a statue when she saw the ladies she duped. Unfortunately, one of them admired the cloth she wore and went to the extent of pulling the cloth. She had to change her tactics to ‘run for your life’

4. Curse anything: Okay! Ganiu can curse and abuse anything. He doesn’t even mind. Curses pour out of his mouth like an overfilled tank.

5. A List of Ridiculous Solutions: When you visit an herbalist always expect the unexpected. The herbalist gave her a list of ridiculous solutions. It got me laughing even till now. Here are the options.

A. Bring the person that cursed you. The person is your villager.

B. Buy 201 local eggs and break it at every T-junction of the world, where a t-junctionrepresents a country.

C.Find a blind pregnant woman who is also a mother of a baby that is not more than a year.

What scene do  you love in the movie? Share it with me in the comment box.


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