Another Fenced Heart- Prologue


The Surprise Proposal

Feb 14, 2012

Serenity. Cool music. He was right. There was no better place. John sat at the table and waited. He wanted it to be the best thing he would do. He had never being so agitated. He checked his wristwatch and shifted again. Cold

air blasted into his pores from the white rectangular Air conditioner at

his right. A waiter came to him and desired to know if he would like to buy anything.

‘Give me Malta Guinness’. He said. Normally, he wouldn’t take Malta

Guinness. But it was her favourite. He would do anything to see her happy. He would do anything to make her remain the love of his life.

After he and Biola became friends, he had been harbouring the thought of telling her how he felt about her. But, he decided to wait until the bond of their friendship was solid.

John hoped she would really be surprised, just as he had imagined all year. The plan had been simple and because of its simplicity, she fell for the first part.

He checked the time again. She was ten minutes late. He shifted. The music in the background, ‘to be loved’ by Jackie Wilson seemed to talk to him.

‘Someone to care

Someone to share

Those lonely hours

And moments of despair

To be loved

To be loved


What a feeling

To be loved’.

She entered. His heart flipped. She wore a red flora gown. The edge of the cloth kissed her knee and the sight of this made his blood become warmer.

He had been seeing her as a friend for years. But today, he couldn’t wish for any other woman. Her long dark hair outlined her fair complexion. He swallowed. His heart pounded hard against his chest. Light glowed around her.

‘Am I late?’ Biola said as she sat opposite him. He smiled. The plan was working.

He shook his head, raised his eyebrow.’ Of course, you are ten

minutes late’.

‘I’m sorry joor… at least, I got here before her’, she said as she brought

out a small mirror from her bag and patted her hair into a shape she

desired, the way he loved it.

‘How do I look?’

‘Perfect. Just as I like it . Just as she would like it’.

She blushed.’ Leave me joor…’

He told her he wanted her to witness when he would be proposing to his

girlfriend since she was his best friend. Although, when he told her, he expected to see disappointment or jealousy in her eyes he saw none of such.

She was his best friend, and everyone knew that. In fact, they thought the two of them were dating. And when he told anybody that chose to ask he was not dating her, they thought he was pretending. The only person aside her who knew John wasn’t dating her was his friend, Richard.

‘I hope she’s beautiful. This one that you did not tell me, your best

friend, who you were dating until you wanted to propose marriage to her’.

She said and glared at him. ‘If she’s not beautiful, I’ll send her back’.

‘She would be here soon’, he said, smiling. He had planned it well. Her

seat was backing the door.

‘Oh! Here she comes’, he said and she turned. He hurriedly removed the case from his pocket, went on his knee, and opened the case. There was no need to waste time on dating. He had seen all he needed to see in her.

‘There is-‘, Biola said as she turned towards him. She stared at him. Her

eyes dashed from his face to the case and back to his face again.

‘Will you marry me, B? I don’t want us to live in the boyfriend-girlfriend

era at all’.

She stared at him. Her eyes became wider. She inhaled a long breath and whimpered. He smiled. She loved him and was happy.

‘You shouldn’t have deceived me’, she said and looked about.

He nodded. ‘Is that a yes?’

‘After….’ She said and hissed. She closed her eyes. Something was wrong. He watched her closely as she opened and closed her mouth several times.

‘Richard has proposed to me’.

‘Richard? Did he not know we were in a relationship? Why didn’t you tell


‘Why didn’t you tell him, at least, that you love me…?’

‘He knew…’

‘He didn’t-‘

‘Did you give him a reply’?

She stared at him and held his hand. His heart was burning. He swallowed hard as his body became numb and he wished the news would change.

‘When you told me you’ve found a lady and that you were going to propose to her today. I was so happy for you that you my friend would start dating the same time I will be dating.‘

Hot liquid substance flowed across his face but he wasn’t concerned. He wanted to know what happened.

‘I told him, yes, yesterday. You should have told me plainly. I would have told you… You’re more than a friend to me, you are a brother to me’, she said and shook her head.

She carried her bag and rushed out of the restaurant, leaving him on his knee. He stared into space as the words of the music in the background came vividly to his hearing. As if protesting on his behalf, Whitney Houston shouted from the speakers of the restaurant.

‘And I …will always love you..’


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