Where Vengeance Enters, Happiness Vacates- A Review of the movie ‘ABIMBOLA’ 

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Runtime: 73 minutes

Writer: Toyin Aimaku

Rating: 5/10


ABIMBOLA is a movie about Vengeance.

The film is centred around the protagonist,Funke(Bimbo Oshin). She is the daughter of a rich man, who inherited the wealth of her father being an only child. And she’s Abimbola’s Elder cousin.

At the beginning of the movie, Funke tried to no avail to revamp her husband’s, Jaiye’s( Afeez Eniola), love for her. So, she invited Abimbola to live with her and her husband with the hope that her presence in their house would make her husband reduce the way he physically abused her. And the plan worked. Yes! It worked.

This period gave her time to think better and she came to the conclusion that her husband was seeing another woman. So, she recruited Abimbola’s help in looking for the woman, whoever she might be- not to fight her like Abimbola would have wanted; instead to plead with her. I must quickly say here that Abimbola’s character was made to reflect a lady that grew in the slum and had befriended fearsome people.

Abimbola took her to Fido(Niyi Johnson), who promised to find the woman; however, he duped Funke by showing her pictures of Aishat (Adunni Ade). 


I could see that Toyin Aimaku spent a lot on this movies. She really used the best hands(top actors(resses) whose bill would so rank high). Even the venues were dope.

 *ScreechScreech* Back to the review 

Funke and Bimbo visited Aishat, who promised to leave Funke’s husband for 10 million naira. And Funke agreed, despite Bimbo’s insistence on not paying but killing Aishat.

Prior to the day they were to pay Aisha, Jaiye said he was sorry for always fighting her and he was able to make Funke give him 8million.  She was happy indeed!

When they got to Aishat’s place, event turned and we discovered that Aishat was a coy, that Abimbola was the woman Jaiye had been seeing. ( Don’t ask me how. Watch it).

Abimbola believed her grandfather made a wrong judgement by sending Funke’s Grandfather to school and also making Funke inherit a lot of wealth would have been hers.

Left to Abimbola, she would have killed Funke but Fido wanted to incriminate her by forcing her to do something really bad, and that made the police arrest her.

But things were not as we thought. Abimbola’s planned had been foiled and the whole plan had actually being Funke’s. We came to understand that she and Fido knew themselves somehow and they changed the plan to make Abimbola be at the receiving end.


I have a little problem with Toyin Aimaku in this movie (The story writer) or Bogambe Abiola Paul(the script writer and the director). Despite the beauty of the story and the thrilling complications, the movie wasn’t tightened enough. Some knots were not neatly closed.

There were lot of questions unanswered there were parts the writers or the director assumed the viewers would understand which ought not to be. The cover-up for some other messy parts was the great actors involved. They made us overlook it. Some of the messy parts were

1. How did  Fido know Funke.

2. The part they all revealed themselves was not just okay. Ahba! It was rushed.

The movie was a very good idea that was crammed into 73 minutes. Some parts put me on edge (not suspense-wise but in dismay).

Then… Then… In this age, we were made to watch people dance for 3 minutes 27 seconds( 207 seconds) 

before Funke entered the club and after she talked to Fido, they danced for another 1 minute and 43 seconds (107seconds). That‘s not fresh.

Also, some things were reveal too soon.

What do you think about the movie.

And which movie would you love to see its review next?

Drop your answers in the comment box.


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