The Cunning Show-off – A Review of ‘ Iku Iro’


Olofofo Review

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 106 minutes

Writer: Queen Oluwa

Rating: 6/10

Iku Iro started as a story that have almost the same bearing as FunKe Akindele’s  ‘Jenifa’ and Toyin Aimaku’s Alakada’ where see a lady trying to be who she isn’t.
I’m not writing this review to compare this movie with ‘Jenifa’ and ‘ Alakada’. Even if that will appear, it would be in another post.

My interest in Queen Oluwa’s style became piqued by way she escaped in the beginning of the movie after she made her date (Lateef Adedimeji) suffer for her greed when the owner of the car she borrowed in her absense stumbled upon it at a bar.

Trouble. Her insatiable desire to be what she isn’t reared its ugly head again when she met her friend, Bola(Temitayo Adeniyi), at a bar. Trust her, her running mouth had told Bola she was a Senator’s daughter and that she had 80000 Naira at hand.

My problem with these type of movies is that having watched one of its type, we tend to predict the storyline. Normally when the camera focuses on a character, we know that the protagonist would disgrace herself and the character would render help.

However, I was impressed when Queen escaping paying 32,000 naira after deceiving a jobless man and the bar man. That part can best be interpreted with the eyes.

But she didn’t learn her lesson, she still did some other mischievous things like coning Bola and her friends. She collected 300,000 naira from Bola alone.

Yet, the addiction made her go to the village of her mother(Remi Oshodi) to brag with borrowed car and fake money. Her mother was a proud person, who despite her ragged chairs, would do anything to show her superiority. It was here, she gave a fake money to someone in her village.

The fake money brought disgrace to this person and this person inflicted her with some sicknesses one of which was scratching of her body from 8pm to 8am. The story was meant to be a comedy but I laughed a little here and there ( not much of her fault, it’s this change *lol*) but I just couldn’t stop laughing when I got to the end of the movie, when she was with the herbalist. He gave a ridiculous list that even thinking of it now cracked me up.

 Well, for your info: The movie doesn’t have a sequel. When I asked Queen Oluwa if the movie would have a next part on her Ig @QueenOluwa, she said ‘No’. So, why not go watch it for yourself.

Meanwhile in my next post about ‘Iku Iro’, I’ll be posting ‘ My Five Top Scenes From Iku Iro’.

So, what will be your rating of the movie and what movie will you like to see its review next? Drop your reply I’m the comment box.


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