Review of Inioluwa 1

Time: 98 minutes

Genre: Family, Romance.

Summary: Inioluwa (Toyin Aimakhu Johnson) is a jealous woman who is ready to do anything to stop every woman from having relationship with her husband, Iseoluwa (Muyiwa Ademola). She believed her archenemy was her husband’s secretary. She, alongside her friend, liaised with an Herbalist to help her know if her husband was really sleeping with his secretary. The herbalist gave her a charm called ‘Magun’, which was meant to kill any woman that slept with her husband.

At the end of this part, Inioluwa was called by her friend after her friend heard that Iseoluwa’s secretary was rushed to the hospital. Feyintola, Iseoluwa’s friend, pleaded with her to bring the antidote for the charm. However, Inioluwa, out of excessive jealousy had poured it into a water closet. She wanted the lady to die.

Goofs: In the scene where uncle was advising her after he came for a visit, Toyin Aimakhu was putting black heels in the houseRating: 7/10

70% of the women in the movie are busty.

Release date: April 2015

Language: Yoruba, English

Subtitle: English

Country of origin: Nigeria.


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