17 Funny Quotes From Inioluwa 1

1.​Inioluwa: It’s quite insightful that a female staff is making a hot tea for her boss in a cold weather.

2. Iseoluwa: Have I ever asked any of brothers for shirt?

Inioluwa: You? Are you denying Brother Bayo gave you cloths?


Inioluwa: What’s wrong with you? Did Iya Ibadan deny you of breast milk when you were small? How is it that all the female in your office are busty? How come they are not slim?

Iseoluwa: were you as fat as this when you came to my house? You’ll go flat.

4. Makana: Aye yin wa n bee le je tan

Denotative meaning: your life is there, you can’t finish eating it

Meaning: your life is there, you can’t fully enjoy it

5. Makana: Lareedo how far? So fe je oju aye

Denotative meaning: Do you want to eat the eyes of the world?

Connotative meaning: Do you want to disgrace me.

6. Lareedo: Come if the eyes of the world becomes puff puff, we’ll eat o.

7. Iseoluwa: A woman without shame lacks everything. She does not have intelligence. She has nothing she is thinking of.

8. Inioluwa: I know my husband he does not see the ’chested’ without opting for them.

9. Feyintola: That’s good! When customer stop patronising us, you’ll pack every of these goods, and roast them for your consumption.

10. Folashade: First of all… First of all… First of all

Feyintola: Go down low… I’m all ears

Folashade: First, I gave you fifty thousand naira. How much did I give you after that?

Feyintola: Are you sick?

11. Lareedo: The cockroach skin shines till its death, you’ll shine till your death.

Feyintola: Lareedo, what can I do for you.

Lareedo: I want you to send me to prison. Yes! What’s the value of a poor man when he can’t be used by a rich man. A tenant that names his son Kolawole (he who brings wealth into the house) if the landlord sends him parking won’t he carry his wealth outside.

12. Feyintola: After everything, you painted your face like a statue.

13. Inioluwa: I know you like busty girls, and mine is a lot smaller than hers.

14. Iseoluwa: She’s my secretary. I didn’t employ her. Will I tell the personnel manager to allow me check the cup size of the secretary they want to employ.

15. Lareedo…: oko aje o ni ba yin ti yin lo ma je

Denotative meaning: witches stone shall not touch you, it’s your that will touch them. (No witch’s diabolism will affect you)

Connotative Meaning: no witch stone will touch, yours will be ruined (it shall not go well with you)

16: LAREEDO: Do you have things you want to do in heaven. if you want to send me to heaven, I can go for you.

17. Feyintola: why are men like this? Is it that bad there can’t be a single drop of love in their blood?


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